New PoP in Miami

New PoP in Miami Increased Network Capacity to 5Tbps

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It couldn’t have been planned worse. The date for opening a new PoP in Miami has been set to 8 September 2017 for a long time, little did we know it would be right before a hurricane was about to hit Florida. We wish all hurricane victims strength during these difficult times and the fastest possible recovery. The natural disaster also affected our on-site technicians who were not able to fly to New York City for another maintenance and had to rent a car for a 20 hours ride instead.

Miami PoP Benefits

Reaching one of the southernmost US cities not only helps you perform locally but could also be used to conveniently serve content to your end-users in Central and South America. Miami is ideally located to handle this traffic with reasonably low latency making it a great cost-effective alternative to LATAM PoPs.

Miami belongs to the list of PoPs with the lowest rates in contrast to those in South America. If you disable our 3 PoPs there, you save money and maintain solid local performance. However, nothing beats local presence so have the 3 LATAM PoPs on if you strive for the best.

It’s your choice which data centers you use and it only takes one click in the control panel to activate or disable one. Miami has been activated automatically If you haven’t touched data centers settings yet. If you’ve changed your data centers in the past, you can activate it manually free of charge.

CDN77 network capacity increased to 5 Tbps

Planning big updates or live streaming events? You don’t need to worry about unexpected traffic peaks or major events streaming with 5Tbps network capacity. And it will keep on growing – thanks to you!

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