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Being a producer of highly successful works, such as Big Brother, Black Mirror and Peaky Blinders, we need to cooperate with reliable partners. CDN77 helps us deliver content through Roku. We treasure their high-quality service and exceptional support.

Joe Pietroni

CTO, Endemol Shine Group

Plesk has been working with CDN77 for 3 years now. It's been put to good use for 15 in-product and direct customer-facing online services, amounting to monthly traffic of around 60TB. The network and services CDN77 provides are reliable and of high quality. What is more, on the seldom occasions support was needed, we received prompt assistance - all our requests were solved efficiently, without affecting business continuity.

Sergey Egorov

Director of Program Management, Plesk

The CentOS Project has cooperated with CDN77 since 2016 using their network for Linux distribution to users around the world. We value CDN77 for the top quality service and excellent support. Large network, high speed delivery and individual approach has been an ideal mix.

Karanbir Singh

Lead Developer, CentOS

We've been using CDN77 Streaming Solution for the Georgian TV Rustavi2 Live TV Broadcast including a 30-day catch-up service. We're happy with the service and the support is great.

Levan Gvaramia

TV Product Manager,

I strongly recommend CDN77 service. With the peak absorption guaranteed, we are not worried to expand our audience. Top quality live streaming with competent, attentive and always available support.

Gerivaldo Rodrigues

CTO, Direct Radios Brasil

We're actually really happy with the API. It was trivial to code up a PHP+CURL access object and that's one of the primary reasons we chose CDN77 over other offerings.

Michael Kellogg


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Ease of use9.4
Industry avg. 8.6
Quality of support9.7
Industry avg. 8.7
Ease of setup9.4
Industry avg. 8.2

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