Premium data centers

We cooperate only with the largest and strategically located data centers meeting the highest technology & security standards.

  • Amsterdam
  • Bratislava
  • Bucharest
  • Frankfurt
  • Kiev
  • London
  • Madrid
  • Milan
  • Moscow
  • Paris
  • Prague
  • Stockholm
  • Vienna
  • Warsaw
  • Zürich
North America
  • Atlanta
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Denver
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • New York
  • Seattle
  • Toronto
South America
  • Sao Paulo
  • Cape Town
Asia & Pacific
  • Hong Kong
  • Istanbul
  • Jakarta
  • Mumbai
  • Seoul
  • Singapore
  • Sydney
  • Tokyo

All data centers include

  • Redundant power sources
  • N+1 cooling infrastructure
  • Pre-action dry pipe power suppression
  • Multistage security protection level
  • 100GE port connections to multiple transit providers
  • Newest SSD-only hardware
  • Each server equipped with at least 4 × 10G uplink

The choice of the data centers is all up to you. Turn any data center on/off in your Control Panel anytime you like.

Robust, Redundant & Secure Network

Our traffic has been rapidly growing. We went from 300 Gbps to 1.2 Tbps throughout 2016 and up to 9 Tbps by Q4 2019. This means that we are ready to handle your traffic including large global streaming events and major software updates.

The upstream capacity powered by multiple carriers and quality peering arrangements are implemented at each location. This provides redundancy and enables us to provide robust connections to even the most problematic network destinations including f.e. Deutsche Telecom.

Advanced routing systems

If an anomaly is detected, a set of procedures is implemented to divert traffic to a functioning transit path.

Encryption on Network Level

Your data is encrypted via IPSec and TLS.

DDoS Protection

Including SYN/ACK flood attacks & attacks targeting UDP/ICMP protocols. Find out more.

We cooperate with Top transit providers across the globe

Interested in our prices?

We offer both PAYG and Monthly Plans.