60 Tbps+ network

across 6 continents

Los Angeles
New York
Panama City
Sao Paulo
Cape Town
Hong Kong
World map
25 Tbps+traffic peak in the last 24h
175 PBof data delivered daily
97%avg cache hit ratio

CDN77 network explained

The stability and superb performance of our network is a result of complex architecture and top-skilled teams expertise.

All fine-tuned and working together to bring your users the best possible experience.

Locations & private backbone

Multiple private backbone circuits, each built upon 100GE infrastructure are in place between our locations and between continents.


  • Amsterdam
  • Bratislava
  • Bucharest
  • Frankfurt
  • Istanbul
  • Kiev
  • London
  • Madrid
  • Milan
  • Moscow
  • Paris
  • Prague
  • Stockholm
  • Vienna
  • Warsaw
  • Zürich

North America

  • Atlanta
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Denver
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • New York
  • Seattle
  • Toronto

Latin America

  • Bogota
  • Panama City
  • Sao Paulo


  • Cape Town

Asia & Pacific

  • Hong Kong
  • Jakarta
  • Mumbai
  • Seoul
  • Singapore
  • Sydney
  • Tokyo

Routing & connectivity

The perfect mix of multiple Tier 1 transit providers and private peerings with local networks in each location, combined with latency-based routing ensures that all packets are delivered seamlessly.

25 ms22 ms16 ms1 ms24 ms20 ms17 ms2.1 ms27 ms21 ms14 ms1.8 ms185.93.1.0/24

Latency-based routing

Thanks to real-time monitoring of 150,000+ SRC/DST IP addresses, we gather detailed data about latency and quality of connection from all of our locations. More than 600,000 netflows are being analysed every second. This enables us to automatically direct your users to the lowest latency endpoint.

Our routing process is fully-automated and has proven to be faster & more reliable than Anycast routing used by most CDNs.

Access to all major carriers and ISPs

The network topology combines upstreams to top 14 transit providers and direct connection with a ~ 100 local networks worldwide.

  • NttCommunications logo
  • Telia logo
  • Comcast logo
  • Telxius logo
  • Tata logo
  • UPC logo
  • CoreBackBone logo
  • Gtt logo
  • Cogent logo
  • Sparkle logo
  • Vodafone logo
  • PCCW Global logo
  • Orange logo
  • ColoAU logo
  • Jio logo
  • Telecom logo
  • Rogers logo
  • Airtel logo
  • Bell logo
  • Swisscom logo
  • Transtelco logo
  • BT logo
  • Claro logo
  • Globenet logo
  • Telus logo
  • Shaw logo

and many others

Network security & advanced DDoS protection


All connections within our network are highly secured and we offer wide-range of security features.

  • TLS 1.3
  • Secure Tokens & Signed URL
  • SSL certificates with Let’s Encrypt integration
  • Origin & Hotlink protection
  • IP & Geo Whitelisting / Blacklisting
  • SmartWAF

DDoS Protection

CDN77 services come with a powerful proprietary DDoS Protection system based on DPDK. With 24/7 traffic monitoring, we detect and effectively block both protocol and volume based attacks in under 10 seconds.

  • UDP Flood
  • NTP Amplification
  • DNS Amplification
  • ICMP Flood
  • SYN Flood

Premium data centers & hardware

We cooperate only with the largest, strategically located data centers that meet the highest technology and security standards.

  • Latest Arista networking HW
  • Top of the line NVMe SSD based servers
  • Latest Gen AMD 64-core EPYC
  • 10-80GE uplink per server
  • Redundant power sources
  • N+1 cooling infrastructure
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  • telehouse logo
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  • equinix logo
  • interxion logo
  • coreSite logo

Network teams

Automated routing processes are under 24/7 supervision of our network engineers.

Network Development

My team precisely plans and executes development of the CDN77 network. From access to the edge, physical fibers to DDoS protection – it's all our responsibility. Our network is fully redundant and it's based on Arista network hardware.

There is one single priority above all that drives our decisions and steps while extending and maintaining our network – uncompromising quality, without exceptions. We consider the work we do as a way of life rather than a day job.

Jiri ProchazkaHead of Network Development

Data Centers Ops

The DCs ops team takes care of CDN77 servers in data centers around the world. It's mostly about HW shipping, new server installations, cabling, SSDs, and other HW changes. We handle both carefully planned upgrades and also situations where immediate solutions are needed.

Photos of our perfect cabling are popular on Reddit. No matter whether we use remote hands or travel to a location personally, any DC job needs to be fast and precise.

Tomas SykoraHead of Data Centers Ops

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