180 Tbps network

with a global private backbone

  • 60 Tbps

    daily traffic peak

  • 270 PB

    data delivered daily

  • 20 Tbps

    backbone capacity

Statistics from June 2024

Global coverage, local routing

“The CDN77 network is built with end-users in mind. It's a powerful mixture of strategically located PoPs and cache servers deployed directly inside ISPs' networks — all interconnected with a global private backbone as well as multiple Tier 1 transit providers.

A highly skilled and flexible network team, direct access to thousands of ISPs (Internet Service Providers), real-time latency-based routing, and the minimum physical distance between your content and your end-users deliver the ultimate customer experience.”

Jiri Prochazka
Jiri ProchazkaVP of Network Infrastructure

Present in 117 locations

With an additional 30 on-demand locations to expand your reach.

World map
  • Full PoPs

    Full PoPs are strategically placed at the center of high-density Internet Exchange Points within the network and peer directly with ISP networks.

  • Embedded PoPs

    Edges are deployed directly within ISP data centers closest to your end-users, ensuring top performance even in hard-to-reach destinations.

  • Private backbone

    Built upon 100/400GE infrastructure, CDN77's redundant backbone interconnects our largest PoPs and serves as the foundation of the network.

Routing & connectivity

A perfect blend of multiple Tier 1 transit providers and private peerings with local networks at each location, combined with latency-based routing, ensures seamless packet delivery.

25 ms22 ms16 ms2.1 ms24 ms20 ms17 ms1 ms27 ms21 ms14 ms1.8 ms185.93.1.0/24

Latency-based routing

Thanks to the real-time monitoring of over 300 000 SRC/DST IP addresses, we gather detailed data about latency and connection quality from each of our locations.

More than 1 400 000 netflows are analyzed every second, enabling us to automatically direct your users to the lowest latency endpoint.

Direct access to all major carriers and ISPs

The network topology consists of upstreams to 16 top-level transit providers, more than 300 PNIs, and direct local access to over 3 000 ISPs.

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Premium data centers & hardware

We partner with top-tier, strategically located data centers that meet the highest technology and security standards, utilizing high-end hardware for optimal performance and reliability.

  • Latest Arista networking HW
  • Top-of-the-line NVMe SSD-based servers
  • Up to 2×100GE uplink per server
  • Latest Gen AMD 64-core EPYC
  • Redundant power sources
  • N+1 cooling infrastructure
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