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Only pay for what you use. Per every byte (pro-rated).

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  USA & EU
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Traffic Asia & Australia
incl. Turkey
South America
incl. Brazil
under 20TB $0.049 / GB $0.125 / GB $0.185 / GB
21 - 60TB $0.045 / GB $0.120 / GB $0.160 / GB
61 - 500TB $0.029 / GB $0.110 / GB $0.145 / GB

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Pay only for the traffic that you use.

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Our discounts for content delivery with traffic over 20TB start at 15% and only get higher as your traffic grows. Make sure to contact us to claim a discount.

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How does pay as you go work?

You are charged per byte and the cost is gradually deducted from your credit. To get started just top up your account with $149. Funds are valid for one year and every recharge extends the expiration.

What happens if my traffic grows?

The rate will never increase as you pay per byte. In fact, with high traffic you may be eligible for our lower rates.

Do you provide support?

We have friendly, responsive support specialists working 24/7. Reach us anytime via phone, chat, email or Skype.

Do you provide custom solutions?

Yes, we do provide custom plans for clients with specific needs.
See High Volume Plan or Private CDN.

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