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Access a delivery platform with unmatched performance, advanced security, and exceptional client service.

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Maximize your potential with every plan, no additional costs



  • Advanced DDoS protection
  • Multi-Layer security
  • Content protection features


  • Live chat with initial response time of under 60 seconds
  • Slack Connect channel™
  • Skilled in-house engineers

Enterprise plan

Complex solution for enterprises in need of top-tier content delivery.
  • Network designed for large traffic volumes
  • Advanced VOD & live stream features
  • Customizable features & API management
  • Dedicated account specialist & direct access to L2/L3 engineers
Tailored priceCustom traffic volume

Growth plan

Global content delivery for businesses with up to 250 TB of monthly traffic.
  • 250 TB/month of traffic volume
  • Global coverage, all PoPs included
  • Full access to all CDN77 features
  • 24/7 tech support
$990/month$3.96/TB overages

CDN77 Object Storage

Fast and reliable origin solution

  • S3-compatible API
  • Seamless integration with CDN77 delivery platform
  • No egress fees between the storage and CDN77 delivery platform
Stored data: 5 TB

Requests (API)

$0.03/10k requests

Initial 1M requests: Free

Egress traffic*


Initial 50 GB: Free

* Charges only apply to traffic outside of our CDN.
$100/month ($0.02/GB)

Get started with CDN77

Full-scale testing with unmatched performance and flexibility

Robust network capability

CDN77 network is ready to handle your testing needs right from the start, ensuring you can assess our CDN’s performance in real-world conditions without missing a step.

Unrestricted testing environment

Dive into comprehensive testing without limits. Whether it’s mirroring your production traffic or conducting performance evaluations, our platform stands ready to accommodate your most demanding tests.

Extended trial period & dedicated support

Take the time you need to thoroughly assess our solution. In addition, you’ll get a dedicated transition team to assist you with the trial setup and ensure a smooth transition for your operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Enterprise Plans are designed to be fully adaptable to your specific use case, whatever it may be. We understand that every client has unique needs, and our approach is to customize our services to meet those needs precisely. Here’s how we ensure our plan fits your scenario:

  • Flexible Pricing ModelsWe offer a variety of pricing models to suit your business dynamics, whether that’s based on traffic, bandwidth, or other relevant metrics. Our goal is to provide a cost-effective solution that aligns with your budget and consumption patterns.
  • Customized InfrastructureDepending on your target market and operational requirements, we can tailor our infrastructure setup, including PoP locations and capacity scaling. This ensures optimal performance and reliability for your end-users, regardless of their geographical location.
  • Tailored Features and TechnologiesOur plans come with the flexibility to incorporate specific features and technologies that are most relevant to your use case. Whether you need advanced security protocols, specialized content delivery mechanisms, or unique integration capabilities, we can accommodate these requirements.
  • Dedicated Support and IntegrationRecognizing the importance of seamless integration and ongoing support, our Enterprise Plans include dedicated assistance from our team of experts. We work closely with you to ensure our services integrate smoothly with your existing systems and workflows, providing customized APIs and detailed analytics for a comprehensive overview of performance.

By centering our service around your specific needs, our Enterprise Plan is not just a one-size-fits-all solution but a tailored partnership aimed at achieving your business objectives. Whether your use case involves complex video delivery scenarios, high-volume data distribution, or any other unique challenge, we’re equipped to provide a scalable, secure, and efficient solution designed specifically for you.

Pricing for CDN77 Enterprise Plans is not a one-size-fits-all figure; it's calculated based on your specific needs and the particulars of your use case. We consider a range of factors such as traffic volume, bandwidth requirements, and special features to ensure that our pricing reflects the true value you receive, offering you a customized and cost-effective solution.

We have support staff online and ready to help 24/7/365. Get help when you need it, period. Our live chat initial response time averages less than 60 seconds. For an even more personalized support experience, Enterprise clients benefit from dedicated communication channels, such as Slack or other platforms, for direct access to our technical engineers and a dedicated account manager tasked with ensuring all your needs are met.

Yes, you can start the CDN77 Enterprise Plan right away. We suggest you get hands-on with a full test run to really get a feel for what we offer. Starting now means you'll see our solution’s quality, efficiency and performance for yourself right away, making sure moving over to our platform goes smoothly.

Certainly! We understand how important it is for our CDN to be the perfect fit with what you need, so we're all for you running some performance tests. This early stage is key—not only does it let you see what our platform can do, but it also lets us tweak things to match your exact needs. We're here to help every step of the way, making sure that by the time you start sending real traffic our way, everything's tuned perfectly for your business.

Yep, we have a CDN77 Growth Plan that covers up to 250 TB of global data traffic for $990, with all CDN77 platform features included.

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