Video CDN built forLive streaming and VOD

The full live streaming and VOD service of CDN77 enables a smooth user experience for our customers.
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CDN optimized for video

MP4/HLS/MPEG-DASH playback formats for all platforms and devices.

Redundant global network

40 Tbps+ network on 6 continents to manage your unexpected peaks & secure highest speed.

Security & content protection

In-house DDoS protection, multi-DRM integration, SSL & secure tokens.

Egress costs reduction

CND77 Storage and customized cache rules improve Cache Hit ratio & decrease egress costs.

CDN Optimized for Global Video Delivery

With the overall capacity of 40 Tbps+, you can deliver your traffic including unexpected spikes in viewership and large global streaming events.

Benefits of CDN77 in your workflow

Scalability and Redundancy

Let us absorb your unexpected peaks. Grow your global audience.

Smooth performance

Get your content closer to your users to ensure an uninterrupted video experience.

Additional video features

HTML5 player, adaptive bitrate streaming, DVR & timeshift and audience analytics.


In-house DDoS protection, Multi‑DRM, SSL, Secure Tokens, IP & Geo-blocking, etc.

Put your viewers in the front row.

Additional video features

Ingest your stream or upload your videos and let us take care of the rest.

Live Streaming processing

Send us your live stream over standard protocols (RTMP, RTSP, HLS, MPEG‑DASH, MPEG‑TS) and let us convert and transcode your video to multi‑bitrate profiles to optimize viewer experience.

live stream
Video origin

VOD workflow

Upload your pre recorded videos to our CDN Storage and let it become your origin. Create multi‑bitrate files through API‑based transcoding and serve them via CDN in formats of your choice (mp4, HLS, MPEG‑DASH, CMAF).

MP4 file
Video storage

HTML5 player

Powered by

On the frontend side, you can enhance your viewer experience with a fully customisable HTML5 player equipped with audience analytics which is available for both web and mobile application.

Prices for additional video features are custom. Available for CDN traffic plans starting from $1,000/month.

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Frequently asked questions

Where can I find pricing information?

At CDN77, we've learned that one size doesn't fit all. Every client has unique requirements when it comes to video streaming services. Simply contact us describing your use case and we'll be happy to send you custom pricing.

How can you protect my video content?

We offer a range of features to help you secure access to your content in every scenario imaginable. Whitelist & blacklist by geographical region and IP address, hotlink protection (domain lock), secure tokens as well as custom multi-DRM integrations using the following encryption keys - PlayReady and Widevine (MPEG-DASH) and FairPlay (HLS). We also develop our own proprietary Hurricane® DDoS protection which mitigates outside attacks in under 10 seconds.

Can I host my VOD library at CDN77?

Of course! Once you upload your files in our CDN storage it becomes your origin. Your content will be delivered worldwide in the most efficient way while decreasing the number of load requests. The first 50 GB is on us.

Does CDN77 have a video player?

Yes we cooperate with Bradmax player to enhance the playback experience on your front-end. It comes along with a vast range of audience analytics such as the number of real-time views, users, geolocation, device overview, engagement rate, and many others.

Can CDN77 help with IPTV/OTT delivery?

Absolutely! We can help with the complete process from signal ingestion to a fully customized player. With CDN77 you can bring your entire video processing workflow under one roof. In fact, we've already helped many traditional TV broadcasters in setting up their end-to-end live streaming & VOD solution for their digital projects.

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