You guys rock!

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Thanks for the prompt action. You guys rock!

Juan Taylor

Thank you Juan, we aim to deliver what our customers need in real time. I am often baffled as well at the speed of our server admins. This happens  to us remarkably often – that customers end conversations with statements similar to Michael’s.

Throughout the year we have been asking all of our customers for feedbacks. Quite honestly, we were surprised by the amount of responses we got, sometimes the response rate is around 15%, which is very rare in the online business industry! In some cases we went the extra mile and developed a custom feature, when our customer requested one that we did not offer initially. For instance, based on an impulse from one of our clients, we have included raw logs into the client portal – now every single client has access to this premium feature: Raw logs.

Thanks to raw logs, we can have full control over data flow. That way we can easily evaluate and plan further steps in case of any changes or troubles with traffic flow.

Oleg from

If you’re using one of the popular CMS, then you can use one of the plugins, which make it super easy to integrate! Other than this, we still put a lot of emphasis on our API, so that it’s as easy as possible to integrate your website with a CDN.  And here is what our clients think:


CDN77 perfectly managed 300% increase in traffic in just one day. So far, we did not encounter a single problem and the service “just works”, that is very pleasant. I was also positively surprised by the well-prepared API.

Ond?ej Kopka, BATA Europe, Project manager

It’s working well, never got problems so for sure we will continue to improve and offer this kind of  service to our customers as well.

Alexander Seppi

We’re actually really happy with the API. It was trivial to code up a PHP+cURL access object and that’s one of the primary reasons we chose CDN77 over other offerings.

Jeff Crane – Director of Engineering for Blue Water Ads

I have had a very good experience with CDN77 and I have recommended you to a bunch of people!

Diosdado Cabello

Now that I’ve seen what it does, I have to say your Next is pretty damned impressive. Big boost in page load time.

Jan Gregory

Customer support

Some of our clients do not know that we offer 24/7 support. Well, we do. And our customer support rocks. At least, that is what our clients say:


Wow thanks a lot! Is there anywhere I can go to do a customer satisfaction survey or put up a review? This has been a fantastic customer support experience!

Very good support btw 🙂

Mohammed Elalj

Everything is very nice, thanks! Was easy to setup and I must tell I compared with other services, and the Dashboard / Graphic Reports at CDN77 look much nicer!

Jaqueline Girardi-Pauly

Damn. A quick bug fix. I know I fix things like this quickly, but it is rare that I find other companies that do.

Michael Kellogg

Thanks for your lovely support.

Vojtech Stefka

I really enjoyed your support and your approach. I have worked on this project with 5 different CDN but i have to say that you are one of the best in terms of quality of service, support and reaction time.

Filippo Blengini

Feel free to give us feedback in the comments, we will be very happy to hear what you think of our services!

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