What are the benefits of CDN?

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You already know that CDN77.com can speed up your business by our extensive coverage of Europe and US.
Also we have previously mentioned that our Content Delivery is available in Asia and Brazil.

Now we would like to present to you overal review of CDN benefits to your online business.
Check the summary on how are your customers behaving with slow connection to your site and how you can change that, in CDN77 infographics:

Save marketing costs with CDN77

CDN77.com is worldwide provider of Content Delivery Network with over 40 edges in Europe, USA, South America, Canada, Asia, Australia and Oceania. Locations are fully customizable by users demand according to continent, state or city. CDN77.com supports costs control in Pay As you Go system, charging just for spend and delivered TB, without further charges on requests. 

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