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WebRTC-2-CDN Demo and Moss’ Message

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During the second half of October, visitors of webrtc2cdn.io were able to see a live stream with an ever swinging glass stork and – more importantly – a printer connected to the website. Any visitor could send us a message through a simple form and watch live as we printed it. The most interesting aspect of this, however, is how we delivered the stream.

From all the people connected and watching at the same time, only few were receiving the live video from CDN. Most were served through direct connections with other concurrent viewers, using peer-to-peer as a primary source, while having CDN as a backup.

We wanted to demonstrate that the combination of content delivery network and peer-to-peer technology is not only possible, but also a very suitable choice for high-demand traffic. Let’s look at some numbers.

webrtc pie chart

During the first week of the campaign, we have delivered 9.3 TB of traffic in total. Only a small portion of this traffic needed to be transferred by the origin video server – 0.7 TB exactly – and only 1.4 TB was served through content delivery network. Your guess is right – users have distributed the remaining 7.2 TB among themselves. More than 77% of our total traffic never hit our servers! And even then, most of the rest was cached on CDN. The origin server processed only 7.5% of the total load.

You have sent us over twenty thousand messages from 78 countries and we have seen many famous people writing in. We can not guarantee that all of them are genuine, but we want to share few of them with you nonetheless.

We saw messages from our IT friends:

    Fire exclamation mark! – Moss,

as well as from our IT not-so-much friends:

    ); DROP TABLE users; – Vaclav,

from some prominents:

    Make WebRTC Great Again! – Donald,

and even celebrities:

    Wilsoooooon! – Tom Hanks

WebRTC will be an integral part of CDN77 in Q1 / 2017.

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