The Map of Internet Devices

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Ever wondered how big the Internet is? Where are all your users located?

Researchers from Shodan have “pinged” all the IP addresses there are – an equivalent of knocking on every door there is and asking if someone is home – and plotted the result into a map.

This might be very useful when deciding which POPs to switch on.  As you can see, most devices are located in Europe and on the East Coast of the United States.

We know this means that these are the regions where your focus is and you are super sensitive about your website performance especially in these countries. With that in mind, we’ve been focusing on broadening and upgrading our POPs here too.

We are proud to be market leaders in Europe coverage with 11 locations. Many of them are unique for and are not serviced by any of our competitors – like the recently added POP in Bratislava, Slovakia.

We also have a strong presence in North America, including a POP in Toronto and – having freshly added New York – also six POPs in the US.

That means your data can flow without any delays or disruptions to the majority of devices with minimum latency and maximum redundancy.


It is worth saying that the method used for creating the map might be inaccurate in some cases, there is however no better option today. Some of the devices might not respond – like when you do not react to the knocking on your door – and multiple devices might be hidden under one address – similar to when you knock on the front door of a residential block.

Despite the above-said, it is a very nice approximation of where the majority of Internet users are and we thought you, as website owners or admins, might be interested in having a look.


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