Santiago de Chile, welcome on board!

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We’ve been busy as bees lately and I’m proud to bring some great news from our CDN77 kitchen as we’ve been busy cooking up something delicious for you.

We are dreamers and since we love discovering new locations, we dived into South America a little more. Rather than focusing on salsa dancers and empanadas, we were checking out new ways to expand our services to bring you a better user experience.

And so, we are happy to announce that we have a new datacenter in Santiago de Chile, which brings us to a total of 3 in South America only (yes, we also have one in Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo!). I dare say our competition just got hiccups (it’s okay guys, it’s not fatal, don’t worry!) 🙂 Also, according to recent numbers from Cloud Harmony report (you can read more about the results in this blogpost or just download the report, if you like) we have the best performance in the region. No kidding, thats just how we roll every day.


Of course, you can enable or disable any data center in our infrastructure, according to your preferred locations. To do so simply just log in to your account, go to CDN card, click on “manage” under CDN resources and choose a blue card labeled “data centers” – this is where you’ll find all available data centers that you can use. Or, you know, if you get confused (because we know that can happen sometimes), you can contact us directly via our new live chat support which is available 24h Mo – Fri, or simply file a ticket as usual and our 24/7 support will get back to you shortly.

We have more news coming soon, so stay tuned and don’t miss out anything important!

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