Power start of New Year 2013 in boosted locations

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Wondering how the CDN77.com team spent the holiday? You do not have to anymore! Here are the important news about our front page and network upgrades.

The end of the year is important period, not only for gifts buying, preparation of sales in markets and celebrating, but in CDN77.com also for hard work, to bring the high valuable experience for our content delivery customers.

First of all, we have increased our widespread network and previously announced upgraded capacity locations, by group of  important stable edges in Europe – Paris, Frankfurt, Brussel and Madrid and started with boost on US market in – Atlanta and New York.
Have a problem with slow software or pictures delivery in America? Spare yourself these troubles right away, start to deliver your content now with CDN77.

 Paris, Frankfurt, Brussel, Madrid , Atlanta and New York.





Second news is for the pleasure of eye and your work in comfortable environment, as we care about all the aspects that influence our clients. We have launched facelift of CDN77 homepage, gathering important information on our solutions for any online business with global ambitions.







Did you found your New Year’s resolution already? Let us suggest you one, which is just few clicks far away from you – Serve your customers right in time.
Moreover you are not alone in fulfilment, CDN77 is ready and glad to help you with fast static content and video transfer.

Happy New Year and await more great updates from CDN77.com!

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