Pixmac Case Study

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Today we want to share a case study with you. It demonstrates, how a given company can benefit from running a CDN.

A microstock company Pixmac needed to improve the performance of their website. After careful comparison they decided to choose CDN77.com due to unmatched European coverage, stability and adequate prices.

After 6 months of using CDN77.com Pixmac shared their results with us. Having a CDN to deliver their images resulted in:

• 13% increase in average time spent on site

• 6% increase in the number of pages per visit

• 4% decrease in bounce rate.

To this day Pixmac use CDN77’s Content Delivery Network to provide their users with amazing experience at ultrafast speeds.

If you want to learn how you can benefit from having a CDN, read the full Pixmac Case Study or study this blogpost.

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