New Vienna POP and Two-Step Authentication

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Ever thought about how to further improve your online presence in Europe? Well, we’ve added a new Point of Presence in Vienna, the 12th PoP to our European network to help you out. As of now, 33 servers with a 4.7 Tbps networks capacity will provide your content delivery with a stellar performance worldwide. We hope you make the most out of it!

CDN77 Vienna PoP

If you have default data centers settings, you will have Vienna activated automatically. If you changed your data centers in the past, you can activate it manually free of charge. The rate for Vienna is the same as for all European PoPs.

But that’s not all just yet. We have more news for you.

You can now secure your account with Two-Step Authentication. It can come in handy as an extra layer of security to your profile and furthermore it’s pretty simple to set up. All you need to do is install any authentication app to your mobile device (such as Google Authenticator or LastPass Authenticator) and then follow the steps described here (you will need to login first). Two-Step Authentication can be found in your profile settings, i.e. in the navigation bar next to the Status tab.

CDN77 Two-Step Auth

We hope these features will help your business thrive. As always, let us know your thoughts and opinions. We always look for your feedback.

And hey! If you’re not a client yet and would like to benefit from local presence in Austria or additional layer of security with Two-Step Auth, you can always change that here. It’s free for 2 weeks with no credit card needed.

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