Decide Better, Perform Better. New Features in CDN77 Client.

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We built new features in CDN77 Client to provide data, which can help you in your decision-making process. For example, to change datacenters location and improve the overall performance.

In the Overview section, monitor the traffic per each datacenter and watch a corresponding line graph of the bandwidth.

Traffic per datacenter

Another new feature is in the Reports section, where you can now download graphs for Bandwidth, Traffic, Hits/Misses and HTTP Headers in the JPEG format.


Furthermore, you can download data about CDN Resources and Datacenters in CSV format.


Our Control Panel allows full data center control and you can easily activate or deactivate any PoP in our network to adapt to your growing traffic. All changes in settings take place instantly. With these new features, support your decision with hard data. Decide better, perform better.

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