New edge locations!

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We’ve been busy bees during the last several weeks upgrading and installing new Edge servers in some great locations. You ready?


Toronto CDN Edge

Home of the Leafs and the 5th largest city in North America. This economic engine has one of the world’s most diverse populations. Any online business looking to expand should have their eyes set on this destination. And we’ve just made it easier by opening up a brand new edge server in this great Canadian city.


Dallas has always been on our to do list. We wanted our clients to get an edge right smack dab in the middle of the south US. This city has always been a bridge for people travelling between the East and West United States. Your website content will be able to travel even more quickly across this part of the world now.

Los Angeles

You’ll love the new performance improvements you’ll get in the west coast. Whether you’re live streaming or serving videos and website files you’ll be able to quickly get your clients what they need with our new Los Angeles edge server.



We’ve expanded our east coast coverage of the US and installed a new edge server in a city known for it’s peaches. With this new edge your US latency will further decrease allowing your files to break more speed records. This new edge gives CDN77 one of the best coverages of the US.


And that’s still not everything. We’ve also upgraded all of our servers with extra storage. You’re looking at the one of the fastest US CDN networks now. Did we mention that all of these new servers are SSD’s as well? If you haven’t already, log into your dashboard and update your CDN resources so they can benefit from these new updates!

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