New CDN77 datacenter in India

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We are excited to announce new SSD servers in New Delhi!

India added staggering 88 million of new Internet users in 2012 and it still penetrates only 11 % of population according to KPCB 2013 Internet Trends. What a great place for your future growth!

Global internet users 2012

CDN77 is establishing new Point of presence in New Delhi to help you serve attractive Indian market as quickly as possible. Quality of our service is our number 1 priority and our hard work bears fruit: We are among best CDNs in terms of Error Rate in India. erro rate in India

We invested a lot of time in studying the online landscape in India and carefully picked the location for our datacenter to offer the best possible solution. pricing content delivery network

Our customers are experiencing amazing performance improvements not only in India! Try our Content Delivery Network with free 14 day trial and enjoy dramatic improvements in performance and revenue driving metrics.

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