Migrating to NXG – the New Platform

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For the last several months, we have been very busy developing what we see as the biggest improvement in our service so far. While making only cosmetic changes to the looks, we have created a whole new system powering your CDNs. We call it NXG (NeXt-Generation platform) and the most important changes for our customers are:

  • Improved speed – delivering your data even faster now
  • Improved network reliability – even though we used to have 99,97% uptime anyway
  • Advanced SSL protection – no eavesdropping on our network
  • SPDY support – coming soon
  • Fallback proxy – set a backup origin in case your default one goes down
  • Advanced custom configuration
  • Improved statistics
  • Better handling of certain filetypes

We also feel like it is already time to switch off the old platform and fully focus on the new one. Customers running on the legacy platform have already received migration emails and our support is assisting intensively with the process where needed.

If you use API, don’t forget to update the CDN resource ID in your calls – the ID will change during the migration.

“Now that I’ve seen what it does, I have to say your Next is pretty damned impressive. Big boost in page load time.” – Jan, GroupKiva.com

The migration should be easy and smooth. If you run into any issues, don’t hesitate to contact us on support@cdn77.com. We will be happy to help!

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  1. Good news about improved the speed. I think the speed of transferring data is the most important thing. Actually not only speed, but also the others like statistics and network. Nice improvement

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