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Our traffic has been rapidly growing. We got from 200 Gbps to 1.2Tbps throughout 2016 and we now have daily peak traffic at about 1.5Tbps. Still going strong. Now, this constant growth of traffic brings lots of upgrades for us to do. Two in particular.

First, the network. We have recently bought additional 2 Tbps of IP upstream mainly for EU & US traffic (20x 100G). We already had nearly twice as much as we’ve used just to provide a safety net. Somehow we still felt it wouldn’t last for long. Better safe than sorry they say, so our network capacity is now 4.7 Tbps. The traffic flows from more than 5,000 Ethernet ports – with capacity equally split between 10Gbps and 100Gbps ports.

While the last record-breaking iPhone release would still be beyond our capabilities with 8 Tbps peak, most global events’ streaming and major software updates should come as easy-peasy job. Even with hundreds of Gbps. You promise unpredictable peak scaling; you have to deliver.

cdn77 connectivity update

Second, the hardware. Traffic needs servers. New racks were added in London, New York and Madrid during February. Amsterdam and Frankfurt are about to come next in the upcoming weeks. We now have a person whose only job is to take care of the new racks acquisition. Full time. Once we solve one location, another one comes up.

Clients sometimes ask whether we own all of the hardware. The answer is yes. We do own all of our hardware. In order to be in control of the HW quality, we have to be in possession of it.

All SSD-based, all ours!

The servers are placed in top data centers around the world such as Equinix, TeIX or Telecity.  All of them have a multistage security protection level. Data centers are monitored 24/7 with access restricted only to authorized and qualified employees. Multiple emergency power-supplies immediately provide electricity in case of a power outage. If any single HW component fails, it is substituted automatically. The servers are caged and locked in a completely dust-free environment with pressurised air conditioning. We do take security seriously.

Why do we have such a safety net? Well, we serve various sorts of clients – some stream live events, others have large software updates (ir)regularly or release new games. Such clients benefit from our PAYG pricing model and oversized network capacity. They know any traffic peak is fine with us. A stress-free experience. At the same time, they only pay for the traffic, i.e. the hours/days their traffic flows. No huge amounts of money for monthly commitments.

traffic peak graph

Zero traffic to nearly 75 Gbps in no time? No problem. In the end, that’s the value proposition of a content delivery network. With these network and hardware updates, we’re ready for your traffic too.

Streaming live event and wish that everything runs smoothly? We hear you. We’ll prepare a tailored trial just for you. Check out our page about live streaming.

Do you deliver software or games? Is your traffic over 20TB per month? Great! You’ll get a 15% discount just like that. See our solutions for software delivery or gaming for more info.

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