Grow your customer base with us – we are growing CDN features for You!

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Did you know that is not just a simple Content Delivery service with many datacenters worldwide and great pricing options?

We can offer you more than that!

Among our features, which are included in standard service, such as 14 days Free Trial, Secure Tokens or Shared domain SSL, also offer space for your data served by Content Delivery Network – previously called Push Zone.

Upgradeing Capacity on CDN Storage

The news is that we have not just renamed Push Zone, to simple CDN Storage but we have also upgraded locations and their capacity where you can store your data.

In your CDN77 Clients Section, you can create CDN Storage for your videos, pictures or other static data, located in following locations:

  • Central Europe
  • USA
  • Asia

All of the servers carying your data are secured and based on latest technology.

Why to use CDN Storage for your delivery?

  1. Video CDN will be more stable and with lower latency, in case of adding video files to storage
  2. CDN Storages are based closest to locations you need to serve, which aims on best performance and the fastest delivery to your end users
  3. Last but not least – first 50GB on CDN Storage is FREE.

We are working to provide you more and more useful features every day, await more news on our blog, Facebook or Twitter! is worldwide provider of Content Delivery Network with over 40 edges in Europe, USA, South America, Canada, Asia, Australia and Oceania. Locations are fully customizable by users demand according to continent, state or city. supports costs control in Pay As you Go system, charging just for spend and delivered TB, without further charges on requests. 

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