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European Southern Observatory Partners with CDN77

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ESO, the European Southern Observatory is an astronomical research organisation with 16 member nations. Its state-of-the-art equipment, including ESO (FB, Twitter) and Hubble (FB, Twitter) telescopes, produces enormous amount of data to be distributed to public. From galaxy images and video podcasts of several gigabytes of size up to a 400 GB Fulldome planetarium show, these files demand powerful internet hardware and significant bandwidth capacity to be delivered without issues.

Operating some of the most advanced technologies in the field of astronomy, ESO needed an adequate partner for delivering internet content. After a phase of initial testing, CDN77 is proud to become the provider of choice for ESO.

“For more than a decade, ESO has struggled with providing consistently fast access globally to content, primarily because our servers only reside in one location — in Europe. About 40% of ESO’s traffic originates outside of Europe, and the ease and the speed of accessing content were a real concern.” says Lars Lindberg Christensen, Head of education and Public Outreach at ESO.

“CDN77 is a great partner for ESO, as they have offered us an affordable, effective option, with excellent, proactive support, allowing us to resolve an issue we have been struggling with for a long time.” adds Mr. Christensen.

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