CDN77 speeding up air travel with Wizz Air

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Unfortunately we cannot increase the speed of an airplane, but we can make a website load significantly faster. That is why Wizz Air picked

Competition “in the air” is tense, so the company has to provide an amazing customer experience all the way across the board. Being one of the major low-cost airlines in EU, Wizz Air needed a website that would load instantly from Berlin, or London, or any other location. Taking care of more than 11 million passengers a year you can take no risks. Extreme stability and security are exceptionally important. That is why you must have a reliable service provider.

Wizz Air chose due to its best European coverage, lowest error rate of less than 0,5% (according to and stunning performance across the globe. Accelerated website helps Wizz Air to increase the conversion ratio, which is critical if you are planning to stay in this business.

Wizz Air chooses

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