CDN77 in Brazil and Japan

CDN77 Expands further into Asia and South America

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CDN77 has recently launched three new datacenters on our network. We’ve added Osaka, Buenos Aires and Seoul.

We’ve picked these three locations because they’ll give you direct access to one of the most populous areas in the world. It hasn’t been easy though. Top CDN providers run into problems when looking to expand into these specific areas.

Take South America as an example. Due to connectivity issues and outdated infrastructure, it can be difficult to setup and maintain a CDN at the qualities and prices that we are used to getting on the American and EU markets. Which is actually why only a few CDN providers end up expanding their networks into this part of the world.

We are lucky to announce you we have managed to deal with those obstacles, keeping guarantee of high quality service.
We took the time to set up hardware in one of the largest cities in South America. Buenos Aires is a great location allowing your visitors to get incredibly low latency times in parts of South America like Chile, Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina.

Now we all know Osaka and Seoul don’t have any problems with connectivity or internet speeds. Still, there were some definite challenges. In Japan and South Korea you’re faced with higher prices for local connectivity. You’re also dealing  with markets that are controlled by only a few ISP. You can imagine the difficulties that you can run into, but in the end it’s worth it.

Hardware for content acceleration -

Through hard work and experience, we were able to expand our network and open up a new edge location in a prime location, right in the middle of Japan.

All of this was done so that you’re guaranteed a fair price on a reliable network that will quickly help you grow your online business, traffic and revenue.

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