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We are happy to announce, that we have launched a new version of the Client Section. Over half a year of work was put into this. We had almost no time to sleep, sometimes we forgot to eat, some of us lost more than 10 kg of weight – but we have no regrets. The result is amazing.

Log in to your account or sign up for a free trial to see it for yourself.

Let’s now go through some of the new stuff you will find in the client section. First of all the layout is greatly improved. All the controls are hidden under corresponding tabs for the ease of navigation. Dashboard contains the basic information about the resource usage in the last 24 hours.

Resource management can be found under the CDN tab: you can create a new CDN or Storage. You also have full control of different functions here. The most interesting section is probably Reports, where you can find all the statistical information you need, whether it is Traffic and Costs, or Bandwidth used. For example, here is the visual representation of the report of your traffic that we delivered through each location.

If you have multiple CDNs created, you can view the bandwidth used by each location on a time scale.

If you prefer hard data to visuals, there is a numeric representation of the bandwidth used during a specific time period.

Go ahead and play around with new controls and amazing reports we have created.

We hope you will love the new Client Section. It is in Beta now, so feel free to send us your ideas and report bugs at

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