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After 5 months of work we are proud to announce that we have finished the rollout of our data center network in Europe. As you can see here we have managed to achieve the best coverage among the competitors, leaving even the biggest ones far behind.

Best Coverage in Europe - CDN77 is a European content delivery network targeting small and medium size websites across the globe with a unique benefit of pay-as-you-go pricing and an astonoshing number of well over 30 points of presence worldwide. differs greatly from competition. In the business of content delivery the US is an obvious area to target, since it has the biggest online market. has a different approach, though, as the CEO Zdenek Cendra explains: “We saw that companies like EdgeCast or NetDNA have very few data centers in Europe, so we spent over 5 months building the network with the best coverage of this region.” Therefore an enterprise of just 49 people became the number one pick for companies eager to reach European consumers.

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