CDN77 - Achieving 2.4 Tbps daily traffic peak

Breaking the 2Tbps Bandwidth Milestone!

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Today, we’re very excited to announce crossing a benchmark of 2Tbps traffic daily peak for the very first time!

In fact, not only did we break the 2Tbps milestone but also we made a new traffic record with 2.4Tbps. Thanks to all the hard and continuous work, we doubled our daily traffic peak in just 9 months!

We’d like to thank you for trusting us as your CDN Provider. We would not achieve this goal without you.

CDN77 Breaks 2 Tbps milestone in daily traffic peaks

Reaching 2Tbps in daily peaks was one of the goals we set for 2017. In the beginning, it looked almost surreal. Scaling at this size is not easy. This March, we made a huge upgrade in our hardware and network to cover any peaks of your traffic. But we didn’t stop there.

Recently, we’ve upgraded our network capacity to 5Tbps and we’ve launched new PoPs in Miami and Vienna. Apart from better latency in the US, you can use the Miami PoP as a cost-effective solution for your LATAM traffic. With the Vienna PoP, you can strengthen your European presence. If you haven’t changed the settings, both PoPs are added to your network automatically.

If you don’t use CDN77 yet, don’t worry. You can easily start your 14-day free trial now and enjoy all the benefits of CDN77’s massive network capacity!

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