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We love our customers. We listen to them attentively and we also love sharing their experience with others. We really want to make this world a better place… or at least speed up the web:-)

Guys at ArtfulBits share our vision. This company provides custom software development and IT outsourcing services for its clients from the USA, Canada and Europe. The problem that the company faces is quite common.

Their server is located in Ukraine, where Internet providers cannot guarantee fast and reliable connections. Oleksandr Kucherenko (Chief Visionary Officer) says: “Our main sales territories are USA and Europe. And our ISPs and server are doing pretty well for European territory, but for USA we often have feedback about slow response from our web portal.

This problem is solved simply and elegantly by using a CDN service:

  • CDN acts like a huge external CACHE
  • CDN operates a worldwide array of servers, which are much more powerful than the ones of an average company
  • CDN servers have a much faster connection to the Internet
  • CDN service is reliable. Even if one servers fails, the rest will take its load

Oleksandr comments: “The only thing that can force you to think about not using the CDN is the cost per 1GB of traffic. In our case we chose which provides affordable prices, allows to test their service during 14 days. And what is even more important to us – they have servers on ex-USSR territories.”

To make things easier ArtfulBits created the guideline for the ease of integration with ASP.NET websites. It is based on their own experience and some articles on the web. There are 6 different environments where the solution was tested.

You can access the full article by ArtfulBits here and easily integrate your ASP.NET website with a CDN to utilize all the advantages it provides.

CDN integration for legacy ASP.NET websites

You can also proceed with your free 14 days CDN test now on

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