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Are there any advantages in using CDN?

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Global presence and reach is becoming increasingly important in the world of Internet connectivity. In order to maintain a reliable reputation and satisfy customers, businesses and organizations must be able to be present and simultaneously connect with many individuals online. There are many benefits of using a content delivery network (CDN) to distribute website content.

A CDN provides services to a broad range of clients, serving anyone from larger enterprise customers to small, independent bloggers. High traffic websites require the services of a CDN in order to scale, which is usually critical to their long-term success. If a website is suddenly experiencing a large influx of traffic, it risks crashing. CDNs balance out the website’s traffic, speeding up the download times of pages and files and ensuring that online transactions are made seamlessly. As a result, customers are left satisfied and many internet-sales based organizations can look forward to increased sales.

If a main dedicated server is located in the United States, users in Europe must make several trans-continental electronic jumps when accessing files — network latency and packet loss become risky in these types of transactions. An effective global content delivery network gives businesses the opportunity to make use of local points of presence (POPs), bringing all services and regions together into one user-friendly plan. Companies looking to reach a specific region of the world are given the opportunity to have services located in these regions to properly accomplish their plans. CDNs can also aid in local firewall restrictions, establishing local POPs in firewall-protected countries to allow internal hosting and eliminating the need to create duplicate versions of a website.
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Many CDNs provide usage analytics and reports. These reports can work hand in hand with one’s own website analytics, resulting in a better overall experience for site visitors. They also give a website a more in-depth idea of its file usage and the opportunity to discover trends that could lead to advertising promotions and sales.!

Lastly, a CDN gives its clients the opportunity to eliminate costs of infrastructure and investing in many service providers spread across the globe. Because a CDN presents itself as a single platform that distributes the workload in many regions at once, it serves as a cost and time efficient tool for companies (especially those working with a tight budget).

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