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100% uptime in US&EU since 2013!

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We know that a reliable service is important for you and we take a great pride in keeping a superb uptime. Our engineers are watching our network closely 24/7 so you can rest assured that your visitors and customers will get the data whenever they need it at the best speed possible.

CloudHarmony, a well respected network magazine, has published a report comparing uptimes of various CDN services. And guess what – we are amongst the very best of them.

During the last year, our 365-day uptime reached 99.9995%. In Europe, US and Australia&Oceania, it was full 100%.

Great uptime |
Great uptime |

The full report can be found here:  (filter CDN services).

As we understand that a report is one thing and own experience another, we provide our potential clients with a 14-day absolutely free trial. Sign up and make sure our service meets your needs even before you make your first payment or insert your CC number. Because we believe that’s fair.

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