CDN pricing model

CDN Cost Comparison - Global Traffic Monthly Plans

Monthly Traffic PlansAkamaiCDN77CloudFlareStackPath
6 TB plan~ $400$199~ $750$200
25 TB plan~ $1000$385~ $2800$800
50 TB plan~ $1700$580~ $3000$1800
100 TB plan~ $2500$990~ $3000$2000
150 TB plan~ $3000$1390~ $3000$4000
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CDN Features Comparison

24/7 Live Chat SupportFREEFREEPaidFREE
Free 50GB Storage
WAFYes, unspecified priceFREEFREEFREE with limitations
Origin ProtectionPaidFREEPaidFREE
VOD processingCDN delivery only
Live streamingCDN delivery onlyThrough 3rd party
Free customer SNI (LE)Paid

Last update: June 2020

Frequently asked questions

How does CDN pricing work?

Every provider has list prices up to a certain amount of traffic regardless of their pricing transparency. Generally speaking, don't expect much negotiation leverage if your traffic is less than 100 TB a month. The more traffic you have the closer the gap between CDN providers' quotes gets.

How did you create this CDN comparison?

Some providers have transparent and easy-to-understand pricing, some charge separately for various features and usage use-cases, some work with pricing quote requests only. We used all available public information in combination with our own market insights including information from our clients. We then bundled the services and their pricing in order to be comparable.

How to estimate Akamai CDN cost?

We used available market data, prices of CDN resellers and insights from our clients to estimate Akamai's costs. There are various pricing factors including overall traffic, possible traffic peaks, geo distribution of your end-users, solutions and features that you need and willingness to sign a long-term commitment contract.

How to estimate Cloudflare cost?

The free plan is certainly unique but can't be compared with paid plans of other major CDN providers due to its limitations. Cloudflare charges per plan, domain, the number of features and solutions enabled (called ""rules""), traffic using their smart routing and so on.

We took into account the features and solutions other providers usually offer by default followed by a traffic cost estimation using Argo Smart Routing pricing with 10% ingress. 50, 100 TB and 150 TB plans are high enough to apply for custom enterprise plans starting at $3000.

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