Client Panel Walktrough

  • Reports overview
  • CDN management
  • Traffic reports
  • Access protection
  • Detailed analytics

Custom configurations

Get the best possible performance tuned up specifically to your use‑case. There's much more than the Client panel offers.

Managed CDN

CDN with dedicated cache space built only for you. Optimised to best suit your use-case using custom hardware, unique configuration or exclusive PoP locations.

Multilayer caching

Keep your data in cache on multiple layers of CDN servers. This allows to achieve a very high HIT rate, decrease egress costs and lower latency even with large long-tail scenarios.

Custom rules

It’s more than just a max-age. You control the number of retries on failed requests to origin, set rules for switching to backup server, modify HTTP headers and more.

Flexible development

The listed configs are just the tip of the iceberg. Our engineers have helped many clients boost performance and enhance security in truly custom scenarios.

Tailored experience

CDN77 team is always ready to work on your ideal setup. Describe your use case to our Client Solutions team or and we will find the best solution.

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