Why market leaders distribute their software with CDN77

CDN77's network and service are reliable and of high quality. What's more, the moment we needed their support, we encountered prompt assistance - all our requests were solved efficiently with no effect on our business continuity.
Sergey Egorov, PleskDirector of Program Management
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Peak management

60 Tbps+ fully scalable network on 6 continents to manage your unexpected peaks & secure highest download speed

Purge & prefetch

Manage your cached content with Prefetch and Instant Purge features accessible in the Control Panel or via our API.

CDN storage

Offload your origin server by uploading files to our CDN Storage. 50GB for free, more from $20/month.

Cost-saving plans

Reduce costs with our transparent global flat rate plans (6 TB - 150 TB) or custom plans (150 TB - 100PB+).

Fast delivery and peak management

With 60 Tbps+ network stretching over 6 continents, you do not need to worry about any bandwidth spikes whether planned or unexpected.

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In-house DDoS protection and maximum security

Hurricane DDoS protection

+ origin shield to relieve your infrastructure

CDN77 DDoS technology ensures a smooth, uninterrupted running of your service. With 24/7 IP traffic monitoring, attacks are detected and effectively blocked in under 10 seconds.

  • Secure tokens & Signed URL
  • IP & Geo whitelisting / blacklisting
  • Hotlink protection

A complete solution for your software

Software updates

Take advantage of the large capacity global network that can easily handle any planned or unexpected peaks.

Software distribution

Accelerate your downloads for a fraction of the cost of internal delivery infrastructure.

Mobile apps

Increase responsiveness and push content to user devices from the nearest edge.

Ad Tech

Boost your ad visibility and exposure through the lightning-fast display.


Drive user retention and higher usage of your web based application with better performance.

Product release

Offload your origin server and make your software instantly available during its launch.

Switching providers?

  1. #1

    Tell us your requirements

    We make sure to fully understand your use-case and specific requirements, both technically and budget-wise. Get in touch with us via channel of your choosing (Slack, Skype, email, telephone, live chat).

  2. #2

    Choose best-fitting pricing plan

    Are you delivering several TBs or hundreds of PBs of monthly traffic? Our client solutions team will work with you to find a cost-saving, transparent monthly plan with a global flat-rate.

  3. #3

    Run a free production test

    We invite you to run a free production test with no commitment. You decide the trial duration and how much traffic you bring in, be it a 10% or a full production test.

Ready to step up your software delivery?

Frequently asked questions

What security features does CDN77 offer?

CDN77 secures your content with a variety of key security mechanisms, such as in-house DDoS protection, Secure Tokens, Hotlink Protection (domain lock), whitelist and blacklist by geo-location and IP address, etc. All these features come at no extra costs. You can check more details here.

How flexible are your traffic plans?

Our plans are designed to flexibly reflect your actual traffic needs. This means you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan at the end of each calendar month. No commitment. It’s perfectly fine if you have a steady traffic and upgrade to a larger package only for a short period of time.

Can I host my update packages at CDN77?

Yes, you can upload your files to a CDN Storage via FTP / SFTP or Rsync. By using CDN Storage as your static content origin, you avoid extra fees as we do not charge for HTTP requests coming to your origin.

Do you support Prefetch and Instant Purge?

Yes, as soon as you update or delete content from your Origin, you can clear the cache or upload your content to the edge servers at once with Prefetch and Purge function. Purge is done instantly. You can manage both functions either through the Control Panel or API.

Haven’t found an answer to your question? Visit our Help center or contact us.