Software Distribution

Get your software where it needs to be

We have your back when it comes to delivering your applications and software updates to millions of users worldwide. Quick, consistent and authorized delivery to all devices.

Boost productivity and performance

Have full control and access to a global CDN without having to build your own. Save your time, energy and money.

Optimize on a massive scale

Reduce your bandwidth costs and accommodate huge surges in your traffic, all while growing your online business.

Features and additional services

Data Storage

Use our CDN Storage servers to store your large software updates and files. Reduce the load on your server and let us protect your valuable content.

Rock Solid Security

High level architecture ensuring your website is secure and safe. Guard your content from external threats with hotlinking protection and our robust fail safe programs.

Integrated API Functions

Interact with our CDN through third party applications. Manage your CDN resources, data and traffic through a wide range of API tools and abilities.

On-The-Fly Compression

Files are compressed automatically resulting in faster file transferring. Your files retain their quality and your users get them faster.

Complete Optimization

Improve every area of your website with a complete optimization overhaul. Quickly deliver your software products and updates without any strain on your hosting server.

Global Presence and Care

32 data centers in key locations around the world. Quickly reach any destination with one of the most advanced networks.

We've earned the trust of over 11,500 companies