Predefined monthly plans

  • Global PoP coverage

    Europe, North & South America, APAC

  • Single global rate

    Regardless of traffic geo distribution

  • All security features included

    DDoS, origin & hotlink protection, Secure tokens, SmartWAF, SSL and more

  • Unlimited HTTP(S) requests

    Unlimited number of requests included in all monthly plans

  • 24/7 in-house tech support

    Highly-skilled engineers ready to help

  • Flexible commitment

    Change your plan at any time

How much traffic do you need?

Monthly trafficPriceOverages
6 TB$199$0.033 / GB
25 TB$385$0.015 / GB
50 TB$580$0.012 / GB
100 TB$990$0.010 / GB
150 TB$1,390$0.009 / GB

Trial includes access to all features, 1 TB of traffic and 24/7 support.

For a custom trial (more time and/or traffic), feel free to contact us at

Frequently asked questions

about Predefined monthly plans

Your preset monthly plan includes traffic plan (global single rate), all security features (DDoS, origin & hotlink protection, secure tokens, SmartWAF, SSL, etc.) as well as 24/7 tech support. No charges for HTTP(S) requests.

Live streaming services (ABR, RTMP to HLS/MPEG-DASH conversion, HTML5 player, etc.) are not included in the plan and come at an additional rate.

Yes, for CDN clients we offer Object storage with S3-compatible API, 0 egress cost, and seamless integration with our CDN.

Yes, for $49 per CDN Resource you can get detailed logs from the last three days via API or download them directly from our Client Panel.

Predefined monthly plans include all PoPs in North & South America, Europe, Hong Kong, Jeddah, Singapore & Tokyo. Learn more about CDN77 redundant global network.

You can start anytime. If it's before 15th, your traffic allowance and plan price will be calculated proportionally to the remaining days of the month. If you start from 16th on, we'll ask you to pay for the remaining days of this month + the next month in one payment. This way we won’t bother you with making two payments just a few days apart.

To start your preset monthly plan, simply select your preferred traffic plan in the Billing section of your Client Panel and enter your credit card details. Once done, you'll be all up and running and your monthly plan will be set to auto-renewal.

All preset plans work on a monthly-prepayment basis. This means you can flexibly upgrade/downgrade or cancel your monthly plan right from the next month. Flexible commitment. We like our clients to stay with us because of the quality of our service, not contractual obligations.

If you happen to exceed your prepaid traffic capacity, there is no need to worry. An uninterrupted service is our priority and we make sure to keep the service running.

Your overages will be charged from your CDN77 credit balance based on the respective overage rates. We recommend keeping your CDN77 balance positive to cover your overages and add-on service (Storage & Raw Logs).

Yes, absolutely. We serve clients with traffic from several TB to hundreds of PB monthly. Custom & high volume plans are priced individually based on your specific use case and requirements. Contact our Client Solution team at to get a tailored offer.

Haven’t found an answer to your question? Visit our Help center or contact us.

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