High volume plans

Dealing in daily traffic at the petabyte level? Our Dedicated CDN can help. Thanks to dedicated infrastructure, the CDN77 team can tailor the full setup to your specific needs to reach maximum possible performance and stability.

Technical solution can be prepared and tested within a few weeks and doesn't require any commitment before switching to full production.

Why choose our fully customized CDN approach?

Dedicated Infrastructure

CDN with 100% dedicated hardware built only for you. Unshared infrastructure is managed by the CDN77 team with a possibility of launching custom locations.

Multilayer caching

Cover your long-tail scenarios with a layered cache solution and reach 98% cache hit rate or higher. Offload traffic from your origins and cut your egress cost, even with a large number of files.

100% Customizable at all levels

Have your CDN customised based on your needs — origin authentication, failover mechanisms, security measures, HTTP header settings and many more.

Powered by engineering

Our service isn't just about data caching – we have years of in-house experience with DDoS protection, video streaming, content backups, PB scale sized origins etc.

Rock-solid stability

CDN77's clients rely on a stable 150 Tbps network with 99,99% SLA. Failover mechanisms, redundancy and maximal robustness ensure that packets always reach their destinations without delay.

Private Slack channel

Get direct access to L2 teams - people who can change things and attend to your needs directly. Have your inquiries resolved without having to open and escalate tickets.

Ask for
High volume plan

We would love to understand your use-case, content type, origin size and rules, extra security requirements or anything else. This will help us see what we can offer you on top of CDN77 standard features and benefits.

Custom trial available: Test our service and tailored setup with up to 100% of your production traffic for as long as needed with no strings attached.

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