monthly plans

Custom offers include use case specific setup to bring value on both the technical and business levels. The Client Solution team is happy to review your project and provide a tailored offer.

Built for your needs

  • Single global rate

    Regardless of traffic geo-distribution.

  • Flexible commitment

    Flexibility to adjust your plan based on your traffic needs.

  • Custom rules & configs

    Modify HTTP headers, rules for origin backup and security and many more.

  • Multilayer cache available

    98% cache hit, even for large origins with long-tail scenarios.

  • Dedicated CDN available

    Unshared infrastructure with 100% customizable setup.

  • Slack support available

    Direct access to L2 teams who can attend to your needs directly.

Ask for
Custom monthly plan

We would love to understand your use-case, content type, origin size and rules, extra security requirements or anything else. This will help us see what we can offer you on top of CDN77 standard features and benefits.

Custom trial available: Test our service and tailored setup with up to 100% of your production traffic for as long as needed with no strings attached.

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