Power to the players

Get closer. Stay in the game!

Large network capacity

Great games bring great demand in no time, which leads to significant increases in your traffic.

With our 35-PoP and 30 Tbps+ network traffic spikes are nothing to be afraid of and your content will be available as fast as possible whenever and wherever requested.

Global coverage

Latency is the key. Getting closer to your players cuts down loading times and ensures game files are ready when needed.

There's nothing more frustrating for your fanbase than a slow game update. Get closer to your users. Get ahead of your competition

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Comfort without effort


Offload your origin server by using our CDN storage. 50 GB is free, more starting at $20 monthly.


Manage your cached content with Prefetch and Instant Purge features either in the Control Panel or via our robust API.

Be in control

Activate or deactivate any data center you need easily using our friendly Control Panel.

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