Why we offer PAYG

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By the time CDN77 was created in 2011, we already operated an established Central European hosting company. When our customers asked for a CDN service, it was impossible to find a reliable provider offering CDN on a non-commitment basis. All we could find were lock-in commitments, black-box price list (often not even public) and additional fees for standard services. We were supposed to make a recommendation. Our customers trusted our opinion but we couldn’t recommend such services. Hence we started our own CDN. With no commitments.

At a first glance, it may seem irrational to offer PAYG to an insider. We have long-term commitments with our suppliers. We must respect these commitments no matter what. Therefore, from the business perspective, clients’ commitments would have been more convenient and logical. However, they just don’t fit our philosophy. PAYG is risky but it’s also a challenge. And we love challenges.

Pay as you go puts a tremendous pressure on us. We have to put in a lot of effort every day to ensure that you are satisfied and you have no reason to leave. Otherwise, we would end up without clients and with three-year commitments with connectivity suppliers. However, we’re confident that the quality of the product will convince you to stay. And it does. Over the past 12 months, only 2.2% of clients have left. About a half of these realised that using a CDN made no sense for them (e.g. strictly local traffic). If your product is strong enough, you don’t have to lock customers in with a commitment. You can’t force loyalty, you have to earn it.

Our pricing is transparent. All the features we list on our website are comprehensible and mostly come at no additional cost. We like things clear and simple. Therefore, we don’t charge for requests, origin traffic, service setup, storage up to 50 GB or unshared SSL certificates etc. You will never hear us boast with meaningless phrases such as “Complex solution maximizing return on your digital investments”. We don’t buy it. It’s not a mark of complexity. It’s a mark of rigidity. And it’s everywhere!

Part of our PAYG policy is also the rule of no charges for “additional” services that are essential for using a CDN. We have no billing items such as “Advanced Rules Settings – Per Enablement”. It drives us to laughter and tears at the same time, whilst leaving us with one question only…


There’s nothing “advanced” about it. Setting up CDN is no rocket science. Furthermore, that’s why we have our skilled in-house engineers ready to provide a helping hand in case of difficulties or customizations. It’s in the interest of both – the customer and the provider – to have the service set up properly. Therefore, we find it ridiculous to charge our customers for it. We don’t ask you to. We want your CDN to function at its best all the time.

The project that we started from scratch in 2011 has turned into a service running more than 19 500 websites. A service with clients from 106 countries across the world ranging from media companies to Linux distributions and Space agencies. The initial 3 PoPs turned into more than 30 and still counting. It keeps surpassing our expectations and made it clear that there is no place for commitments nowadays. At least not in our house.

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