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Introducing New Pricing

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EDIT: We’ve made the pricing even more convenient since this blog post was published.

We always strive to deliver content worldwide at the lowest possible price. In order to reflect that, we have changed our pricing. For the better. As we scale, we can now cut prices and save your costs. So what are these changes?

New Pay As You Go Rates

First things first, we’re reducing our Pay As You Go rates. For accounts with monthly traffic over 60 TB, we reduced the price for North American and European PoPs by 17% – from $0.035 per GB to $0.029 per GB. If you serve 60TB, you will now save $360 each month. Clients with 20+ TB of traffic a month now pay $0.045/GB (previously only for 30 TB+).

CDN77 New PAYG Table

This was just a warm-up. Now onto the most important change:

Monthly plans

EDIT Dec 11, 2018: The Monthly Plans got even better! Check the update.

We’re introducing new cost-effective monthly plans. They can save you a lot by offering worldwide delivery at an unbeatable price. In an effort to offer global delivery for the lowest price with a presence in North America, Europe and Asia, we came up with fixed-payment packages that have everything included and come at a much lower price than our PAYG rates. With our no-commitment policy in mind, all of the plans are month-to-month based.

What does this mean for PAYG accounts? Nothing at all. You can continue with our new reduced PAYG rates. Monthly plans simply offer an alternative as we’re giving you a choice.

What’s the deal with monthly plans? See for yourselves!

CDN77 Monthly Plans

Monthly plans come with all of our PoPs in North America and Europe (incl. Russia). We also included Istanbul, Hong Kong, Singapore and Seoul to make sure you have a truly worldwide coverage

There’s no yearly commitment. You can cancel anytime and be free the very next month. You can switch back and forth from PAYG to monthly plans as you like. The distribution of your traffic doesn’t matter either. You can serve 100% of your traffic from Asia and the price will stay the same.

Calculate the difference

For example, imagine you serve 10 TB each month US and EU only. With PAYG, your monthly bill is $490. That same traffic would cost you $350 with the monthly plan and includes 4 Asia PoPs too. That’s nearly 30% less. For 100TB accounts, monthly savings would be $1010, that is 35%. Now, isn’t that worth consideration?

The new rates are already effective. You can check them here. We hope some of you will appreciate our monthly plans and give them a try. Reach out to if you have any questions or feedback. We always love to hear from you.

Not a client yet? Then hesitate no more and start your free 14-day trial with no credit card needed.

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