Content Delivery Network.

Massive network scale, direct local access to thousands of networks and stellar client service are just a few reasons why industry leaders choose CDN77.

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70 Tbps+ network across 6 continents

Robust network that can easily handle large traffic
volumes and unexpected peaks.

  • 30 Tbps+daily traffic peak
  • 175 PBdaily traffic
  • 97%average cache hit ratio
  • 3000+ISPs connected directly

High performance delivery

  • Direct access to 3000+ local ISPs, 140 PNIs and 14 top transit providers.
  • Real-time routing optimization using data from packet inspection, anomaly detection system and RUM.
  • Premium hardware in 45 data centers worldwide interconnected by multiple backbone circuits.
CDN77 Network

Advanced security

  • Secure connections powered by the latest TLS 1.3 with 0-RTT, optimized HTTP/2 and SSL certificates.
  • Proprietary DDoS protection based on DPDK, with attacks detection and blocking in under 10 seconds.
  • Origin and content protection features such as Secure Tokens, SmartWAF, Hotlink protection, GEO/IP blocking etc.
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Use cases

Video deliveryCDN optimised for VOD and live video platforms.
ImagesDeliver images of any size & format on all platforms.
Software & gamingDownloads & updates, in‑game assets, VR apps.
Other static assetsHTML, CSS, JS files or any static file type or request.

We do have a special passion for video

VOD & Live video supportDelivery of all major video formats (MP4/HLS/MPEG-DASH/CMAF) to all platforms and devices.
Multilayer cachingMultiple caching layers that help you achieve a 97%+ HIT rate and reduce your egress cost to a minimum.
Additional video featuresEncoding, transcoding into adaptive profiles, DVR & Timeshift, HTML5 player with audience analytics.

Client focused CDN

Top performance is a must. Our approach is what sets us apart.

CDN tailored to your use case

Customization matters. Our Clients Solutions & Engineering teams are ready to tailor the full setup for your needs and reach the maximum possible performance and stability.

  • Custom rules & configs, multilayer caching setup
  • Free trial with customizable traffic volume and duration
  • Dedicated CDN infrastructure for daily traffic at petabytes level
  • Flexible development
    for custom scenarios
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How are clients satisfied with CDN77

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At the heart of Udemy, we always put our clients first. CDN77 has helped us offer the best possible user experience as their global CDN service speeds up the delivery of our video courses library.

It also keeps our entire delivery workflow cost-effective thanks to competitive pricing and robust private caching infrastructure that reduces our egress bandwidth volumes.

Madhu VenkateshHead of Learn and Media Engineering at Udemy

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