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We provide multiple options for free SSL with your CNAME.


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Here are the SSL options we offer

Instant unshared SSL for free

With every new CNAME added to your CDN Resource, we contact our partner Let's encrypt who provides us with an SSL Certificate even for your own CNAME (cdn.your-website.com). We take care of both configuration and certificate renewal.

Use your own certificate for free

Bring your existing SSL Certificate and install it on any CDN Resource for free. In the Control Panel you'll just need to copy & paste the SSL Certificate, intermediate certificates and private key.

Purchase SAN custom SSL

Get an “A” graded SSL Certificate from certified SAN provider. Your and your user’s data will be 100% protected. With this level of security, your website is safe from threats such as Heartbleed and POODLE. Secure your CDN Resource for $69 per CNAME per year.

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