Analyze your data

Analyze your data and keep track of your performance. Our easy-to-use Client Panel enables you to filter and visualize data using a variety of metrics. Get near real-time analytics regularly updated in a 5-minutes interval.

Traffic & bandwidth overview
with geo breakdown

Your Control Panel provides you with data about your total traffic consumption and reached bandwidth level within a selected time frame. You can always choose which CDN Resource or data center should be displayed in your data review. The Overview also includes the location of your users so you can see the geographical distribution of your traffic.

Performance overview

Find out how efficiently you are utilizing the CDN. Check your Hit/Miss ratio - the percentage of your traffic served by our CDN edge servers (cached requests) vs the traffic served by your origin (uncached requests), as well as the response review of your visitors' requests.

CDN Logs

Get a bigger picture of your CDN files with Sample or Raw Logs. Log files information include: date, timezone, data center location, client IP, request type, domain, URL, HTTP response code, response size and hit/miss.

With Sample Logs, we select a part of your traffic and provide you with a sampled report to give you a basic overview of your hits. This report is free for all your CDN Resources.

Raw Logs provide you with detailed non-sampled reports for the last three days and up to 1 million hits per day. Data are available via API or directly in your Control Panel. Monthly rate is $49/CDN Resource, first 7 days are for free.

Download raw log sample.

Costs & billing overview

Billing section gives you a transparent overview of your total costs and enables you to make payments, view all your invoices, set up payment methods as well as adjust your billing details.

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