Latest HTTP/2 Optimization

Let us boost your content delivery with the latest HTTP/2 features and improvements, for free and without any charges per HTTP(S) requests. We were the first CDN to support HTTP/2 back in 2015 and we're still committed to keep pace with the protocol development.

Derived from Google's SPDY protocol as a major upgrade to the HTTP protocol, HTTP/2 is made to suit the complexity of modern websites. Its server support is a must to achieve the best website performance and has many advantages over its predecessor HTTP/1.1.

Main benefits of using HTTP/2

  • Multiplexing

    Also known as parallelisation, HTTP/2 enables the client and server to send multiple requests and responses within a single TCP connection. This significantly lowers page load times by eliminating the unnecessary latency.

  • Reduced Protocol Overhead

    HTTP/2 decreases the time needed for metadata transfer by compressing HTTP request and response headers. The overhead is proportional to the number of assets so the impact of such header compression could be huge for websites with a lot of resources.

  • Server Push

    Let our edge servers deliver necessary assets even before the client requests it! This feature minimizes the number of round trips by, for example, sending CSS files along with HTML instead of requesting it at the time of parsing. The browser will already have the resources loaded in its local cache. Start using HTTP/2 Server Push by setting up link headers.

  • Optimized Resources Prioritization

    The order in which page resources are loaded is critical for the best user experience. Most web servers support HTTP/2 prioritization but it requires an optimized networking stack given the nature of multiplexing. CDN77 supports proper resources prioritization with BBR congestion control algorithm and tcp_notsent_lowat socket option.

Even though HTTP/2 could be technically used without an encrypted connection, all major browsers only support it over TLS 1.2 or 1.3. If your website is not running on HTTPS yet, we have also got you covered with our free SSL certificate options and the latest TLS 1.3 support.

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