Manage your CDN

CDN Storage

Upload your files to a CDN Storage and let it become your origin. Deliver your content worldwide in the most efficient way and decrease the amount of load requests as well as the usage costs of your own server.

We support and encourage uploading all large static files to the CDN Storage, such as images, videos, installation packs, software updates and PDF documents.

What you get

  • Top-notch security

    We take security seriously. Daily backup of your data included.

  • Ease of use

    Set up the CDN Storage with one click in the Control Panel and upload your files via FTP, SFTP or rsync.

  • Manage it with API

    You can completely manage the CDN Storage with our powerful API.

S3 storage integration

AWS S3 storage with CDN77

You already use AWS S3 as a storage for your files. Start delivering your content worldwide in an efficient and cost-effective manner. CDN77’s large network of PoPs helps to reduce the S3 load and costs by caching and delivering your content from the nearest CDN nodes using an advanced latency-based routing.

How to set AWS S3 storage?

CDN77 offers a feature to smoothly link your AWS S3 storage (Origin) with your CDN Resource.

To use the feature, all you have to do is to select AWS S3 storage as your CDN data source and provide the storage’s URL.

If your AWS S3 storage requires authentication, you would need to provide the following credentials:

AWS access key ID: AWS access key associated with an IAM (Identity and Access Management) user or role.

AWS secret access key: The secret key associated with the access key. Essentially the "password" for the access key.

AWS default region: The physical location around the world where AWS clusters data centres (e.i. us-east-1).

How to get the AWS credentials?

Log into the IAM Management Console and the credentials can be managed with the “Users” in the navigation menu.

Purge & Prefetch

Prefetch (sometimes called push) helps you upload your content to our edge servers prior to its distribution. This comes in handy especially if you deliver large files and need to update immediately your cached files so that your users can reach it straight after publishing.

Purge function deletes selected files from the edge servers. Purging is useful when you update your content or delete it from your Origin and need to get rid of the cached content at once.

  • Prefetch your files to the entire network with one click
  • Clear your cache within second with Instant Purge
  • Manage Purge and Prefetch through the Control Panel or API

Customisable cache rules

Tell us how long you’d like us to keep your content on our cache servers. Set the cache expiry time in the range between 10 minutes and 12 days. On top of that, we honour Cache-Control headers and give them higher priority over the CDN cache expiry settings.

  • Manage your cache rules in the Client Section or via API
  • Send your own “Cache-Control” headers including 's-maxage='

Data center control

Optimize your service performance by turning on and off any of our PoPs located on 6 continents. Changes you make take place instantly.

Data center control screenshot

Team members

Invite your team members to access your CDN77 account and collaborate. The invited user will get access to all the reports as well as CDN Resources & Storage management.

We don't limit seats. No matter if you are a team of two or 50+ developers, you can get all members on board.

REST API for CDN Management

Let your application do the work for you. With our powerful API, you can automatize any given task. It's the best tool when it comes to account or data management. Check our documentation which includes various examples as well as a detailed description of methods. Managing your CDN through programming level access has never been easier.

Features of API

  • Data management

    Manage your cache data by purging and prefetching your files.

  • CDN Storage

    Create, delete and fully manage all of your CDN Storages.

  • Account editing

    Have full access over changes done to your account.

  • CDN Resources

    Create, delete and fully manage all of your CDN Resources.

  • Billing & Invoicing

    Get all of your billing information.

  • Reports & Logs

    Gain full access to reports and logs.

Deliver your content with CDN77