Real-time attacks detection and block


Collecting data and detecting abnormal traffic flow


Rerouting traffic across multiple data centers


Filtering out malicious traffic and passing legitimate users


Analyzing attack logs to improve future mitigation process

Each type of DoS/DDoS attack is unique and requires a different defence strategy.

Amplification DDoS attacks such as UDP Flood/NTP Amplifications are filtered by deny rules in the firewall on our edge router. SYN Flood attacks are filtered through a custom-made filter, which consists of a fleet of custom servers located in each PoP and equipped with 100G+ network capacity.

Large capacity network

Our fully scalable global network and DDoS mitigation technologies built-in all EU & USA PoPs allow us to protect your content across strategic geographic regions.

Real-time adjustments

24/7 monitoring of all servers and traffic enables instant identification of malicious activity.

Cyber attacks are successfully mitigated in under 10 seconds after the DoS/DDoS attack started.

Non-interrupted connection

We keep your content safe and accessible to legitimate users even during the attack.

No trade-off, filtered traffic is guaranteed to reach your hosts.

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