DDoS Mitigation

Don't let the bullies get you down

Our CDN mitigates DoS and DDoS attacks
including those that target the UDP and ICMP protocols.

DDoS attack scheme

DDoS attack scheme

Instant recognition

We monitor all of our servers and traffic 24/7. If we notice any unusual activity, we are solving it immediately. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure reroutes the fake traffic so your customers remain undisturbed by the attack in any region.

Traffic filtering

We filter fake UDP traffic directly at our core network switches. This prevent UDP flood attacks from having any effect.

Server protection

We use software based protection at our edge locations so the servers respond only to the legitimate syn packets and mitigate SYN flood type of attacks.


Our CDN infrastructure with excess capacity and 32 strategically deployed data centers easily absorbs large variety of volumetric and other types of DDoS attacks.

Custom static rules

You can simply prevent some types of DoS and DDoS attacks by setting custom HTTP rules or by defining user’s country or IP address whitelist/blacklist. Don’t hesitate to contact our tech support through live chat for custom setup.

Need to mitigate DoS/DDoS attacks?

Contact us with your requests and we will get back to you.


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CDN77 helps us deliver enormous quantities of Ultra HD videos as well as images of cosmos in up to gigapixel-class. What I appreciate is good personal support, good analytics, and good service with the actual CDN. I feel it is a partnership rather than a pure business relation.
Lars Lindberg Christensen
Hubble Space Telescope & European Southern Observatory