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Solution for Gaming

CDN77 is incredibly easy to use and setup. Within minutes our customers were amazed at how quickly they could download and play their games.
Anton Yudintsev
Gaijin Entertainment

Solution for Software Distribution

We store very critical CSS files with CDN77 and up until now we've only good experiences of them. Not only a great service, but also great support and you can talk to actual human beings rather than some automated mail service.
Jesper Karlsson
running a Common Design Service at Scania IT

Solution for Website Acceleration

As Pingdom tools states, our website Chartoasis.com is now faster than 52% and 5yearcharts.com is faster than 70% of the tested websites, all thanks to CDN77. This page load speed improvement provided us a great benefit in the competition with similar sites.
Szabolcs Kelemen
Chartoasis and 5yearcharts