Content Protection & Access Management

Access management is one of the most important security mechanisms when it comes to protecting your content from unwanted attention. CDN77 offers you, the content owner, these peace-of-mind features:

Secure tokens & Signed URL

Your Control Panel provides you with data about your total traffic consumption and reached bandwidth level within a selected time frame. You can always choose which CDN Resource or data center should be displayed in your data review. The Overview also includes the location of your users so you can see the geographical distribution of your traffic.

IP & geo whitelisting / blacklisting

When it comes to allowing or blocking specific users or countries, a simple deny/allow rule has you covered.

Hotlink protection

Common content thefts will no longer be an issue. Lock your content for your domain only. Hotlink protection only allows requests with the correct referer header.

Origin protection

Our proxy servers are designed to protect your origin server, further ease the load on your server or even hide it from direct incoming traffic. Proxy servers sit between your origin and our caching servers.

  • Strongly secured:
  • Weakly secured:

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