Say Yes to fast HD video streaming with CDN!

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It’s been an exciting month for CDN77 team. Interesting, tiring, but very productive! We have been working on extra features that would send our CDN service to the next level and thereby give you and your viewers even better experience.

So what have we been working on?

We have integraded HD Video streaming feature into our CDN service so you can give your viewers an unforgettable rich media experience. Nowadays, when high-quality online videos with instant playback, excellent full screen quality and no buffering are a matter of course, it is hard to keep up with the competition. Our new HD video streaming feature will help you increase your audiences loyalty and keep new customers flowing.

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You can find more information about HD video streaming on our offical web.

We are also working hard on finishing the Live video streaming feature. I am pleased to say that it should be ready in a few weeks! What will please all fans of quality streaming is that the Live streaming will run on the rock-solid Wowza media system.

So stay on your toes, because we are tweaking the system!





2 Replies to “Say Yes to fast HD video streaming with CDN!”

  1. Hey,
    could you provide an example to learn which format should we use to activate the VOD function ?
    Maybe an example to configure the streaming URL in the player ?!?


  2. Hi Bjoern,

    You can look at the implementation of video on this page (see the source code). If you have signed up, you will find an example of the configuration in the guides section in your client panel

    We support any format of static video content. However, we recommend MP4 or FLV formats with index at the beggining of file (some converters do this automatically, some not).

    Recommended utilities for inserting correct index header to the FLV videos: (Linux) or (Linux, Windows).

    Recommended utility for MP4 files: MP4Box (Linux, Windows) – correct index header could be inserted with following command:
    MP4Box -inter 500 filename.mp4

    checking for file header could be performed by:
    MP4Box -v -info filename.mp4

    If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

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