Introducing the API 2.0

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It’s been an incredible year for We now have more than 8000 clients speeding up their website with As we grow, we never forget our mission – give clients the best solutions for the best price. Now, we are proud to say API 2.0 is ready!

We have been working very hard on API 2.0, it is designed to bridge your CDN resources, internal applications and websites.

With new powerful and easy to use APIs, you can easily interact and make your CDN work that way you want.

What’s new in the API 2.0

  • Manage your CDN resources, including data purge, prefetch, and datacenter locations.
  • Manage your live stream CDN resources and players
  • Retrieve a sample listing of your CDN logs
  • Get your traffic and bandwidth usage report
  • Manage your CDN storage
  • Manage your CDN account
  • Access your invoices and edit your billing information 

Start Building With the New API 2.0

Need help with upgrade to API 2.0?  Contact us

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