CDN77 partners up with KDE and Fedora

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Following up on the partnership with Gentoo and CentOS, CDN77 today expands the list of sponsored projects with two more open source projects – Fedora and KDE.

Partnering with these companies is our way of giving back to the community. And we’re giving back what we’re best at. From this day on, you can enjoy faster loading times of both Fedora’s and KDE’s websites thanks to our CDN.

KDE is a Free and Open Source software community which focuses on development of applications which are widely used in Unix-like as well as Microsoft Windows applications. For instance Plasma Desktop is a desktop environment today used in many Linux distributions. Other applications created by KDE are very well known today, mainly in the Open Source community: Calligra Suite – an office suite first released in 2010, Krita – a graphics editor or Doplhin – a file manager.

Fedora has recently released its newest version – Fedora 24 (which is only a step away from Fedora 42, which will answer the Big Question…right?) and even today it remains one of the most common Linux distributions for desktop computers. First established in 2003, Fedora’s main desktop environment remains GNOME, but you can pick KDE’s Plasma Desktop as well. The Fedora Project came to existence after Red Hat Linux has been discontinued. Fedora focuses on staying on top of the game in terms of innovation. Hence, the life cycle of each Fedora version is relatively short (approx. 13 months).

Welcome on board!

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