S3 storage integration

AWS S3 storage with CDN77

You already use AWS S3 as a storage for your files. Start delivering your content worldwide in an efficient and cost-effective manner. CDN77’s large network of PoPs helps to reduce the S3 load and costs by caching and delivering your content from the nearest CDN nodes using an advanced latency-based routing.

How to set AWS S3 storage?

CDN77 offers a feature to smoothly link your AWS S3 storage (Origin) with your CDN Resource.

To use the feature, all you have to do is to select AWS S3 storage as your CDN data source and provide the storage’s URL.

If your AWS S3 storage requires authentication, you would need to provide the following credentials:

AWS access key ID: AWS access key associated with an IAM (Identity and Access Management) user or role.

AWS secret access key: The secret key associated with the access key. Essentially the "password" for the access key.

AWS default region: The physical location around the world where AWS clusters data centres (e.i. us-east-1).

How to get the AWS credentials?

Log into the IAM Management Console and the credentials can be managed with the “Users” in the navigation menu.

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