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Power your CDN with a comprehensive list of tools and features. We have everything you need to ensure the successful integration and optimization of your online business.


Free features

  • Using your own Custom SSL Certificate
  • Secure Token URL
  • SSL origin
  • Geoblocking
  • Hotlinking Protection
  • IP/Domain Blacklisting
  • DDOS Protection
  • Backup & Server Redundancy
CDN Resources
  • Unlimited number of CDN Resources
  • Purge Files of Entire CDN
  • Prefetch Files
  • Video On Demand Plugins
  • Cache Expiry
  • Cache Query Strings
  • Ignore Set Cookies
Reporting & Analytis
  • Real Time Bandwidth, Traffic and Cost
  • Cache Hit/Miss Ratio
  • CDN Logs
  • HTTP status code reporting
  • Graphs, maps, charts and diagrams
  • View Data between specific time frames
  • Reports/Statistics via your dashboard of API
Always on support
  • Email/Chat, Phone, Skype
  • Knowledge Base
  • API Support
  • Access to over 30 edge data centers
  • Up-to-the-minute status updates
  • Full control over the entire global network
  • Enable and use any data center on our global network
Control panel
  • User friendly
  • Intuitive Design
  • Administer your accounting, billing and CDN Resources
    in one place
  • Localize your preferences
  • Two-step Authentication
  • Electronic invoices
  • Payment History
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Data Management
  • CDN Resource Management
  • Traffic & Reports

Paid features

CDN Storage

Reduce the load on your servers. Free up to 50GB. From $20 monthly

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Raw logs

Download the complete access log of your files. $49 monthly per CDN Resource.

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